Convolio Features

Convolio provides you with an instant online community for your group, fans, customers, influencers, or project. Extremely easy to configure and customize to suit your brand, it provides you with all of the tools you need to manage your community.

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Use our Theme editor to customize the look of your site, with programming knowledge required. Code gurus can apply custom CSS to take things to another level. Email themes may also be customized.

Display Settings

Customize your navigation menu, apply your own custom header and footer, Customize the menu, apply your own custom header and footer, display ads, and apply code to the the HEAD section of all pages.


Showcase content, members, or events on your site using pre-built or custom widgets, which admins can manage directly on each page. Convolio also supports embedding content from your community on other sites.

Custom Profile Fields

Admins determine which profile fields to use and can create custom profile fields of nearly any type. Determine whether fields are optional, required, and/or private.


All community-facing wording can be customized via your Wordlets control panel.

Custom Emoticons

There are many standard emoticons available, but you can customize them or add your new items.


Manage Members

From banning members to applying admin-accessible notes about member behavior, Convolio makes it easy to take action individually or in bulk.

Spam Detection/Protection

When you enable Spam Detection, Convolio will detect posts that appear to be spam and take action, per your requirements. This feature requires that you register your own Akismet account.


Control who can do what in your community- from administrative actions to accessing and posting to specific forums.

Automated Workflows

The Recipe system allows you to automate your community in countless ways, including moderating new registrations, moderating content based on specific rules, setting up drip campaigns, and thanking users who reach certain activity milestones (like first post).


Track your community's health and overall activity levels in the Advanced Reporting area. You can also access leaderboards to identify trending content and high-activity members.

Manage Content

Moderate, delete, move, feature, and close topics.



The customization point system allows you to assign points to members based on the specific actions they take. You can then use this grant user's special titles or permissions or to send kudos when they reach activity milestones.

Single Sign-On

If you have an existing membership system, you can enable the Single Sign-On option to outsource login validation through that service, rather than Convolio. Requires SAML support.


All of the tools you need to be GDPR-compliant are available- from allowing members to delete or deactivate their own accounts, to disabling of IP information collection. You choose whether you want to enable all features.


Any world-accessible topics can be shared on the major social networks. In addition, you may enable login for certain social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more.

News Flash

Get the word out about important news by displaying an announcement that appears when users visit. The message is displayed each time they visit, until they acknowledge it.

Premium Memberships

Charge for certain community features or for access to certain content. You determine your premium features and set your own rate. We handle all of the billing.

Topic Features

Your members can comment or like posts, reply with quote, and attach files, photos, and video. Admins can feature topics, send posts to the moderation queue, and fork comments into new topic.

Two-Factor Authentication

Give your members an extra layer of security for their accounts by allowing them use two-factor authentication.

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